Should you pursue a Freelance Isn’t Free Act claim? These stats say YES!

The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs actively reviewed the impact and outcomes of the Freelance Isn’t Free Act (“FIFA”). This act aims to protect freelancers and independent contractors from late or missing payments. Here’s what the report revealed:

Prompt Recovery: Most freelancers used FIFA’s protections and saw swift results. In fact, 61% of claimants secured their owed payments within 91 days, a mere three months.

Average Recovery Amount: Claimants, on average, reclaimed $2,039. This significant figure reinforces FIFA’s crucial role in aiding freelancers to retrieve their due payments.

Prevalence of Payment Issues: The report reveals that around 150,000 freelancers in New York City grapple with payment issues annually. This encompasses both delays in payments and outright non-payment. Clearly, FIFA stands as a vital shield for the financial interests of these professionals.

Industries Most Affected: Payment challenges plague the arts and entertainment sectors most. A substantial 72% of those turning to FIFA for claims hail from these industries. This high percentage indicates an urgent need for these sectors to recognize and rigorously uphold FIFA’s stipulations.

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