Kanye & Yeezy Sued for Freelance Isn’t Free Act Violations

The hits keep just coming for Kanye and Yeezy. According to Business Insider, freelancer Katelyn Mooney has sued Yeezy for failing to pay approximately $95,000 in overdue creative directing invoices for a recent photoshoot.

Assuming that all of Ms. Mooney’s allegations are provably true, she should legally be entitled to $190,000 in total damages, or double the original amount of her unpaid invoices. She should also be entitled to her attorney’s fees, which is not common in most New York lawsuits. However, attorney’s fees typically are recoverable in Freelance Isn’t Free Act (“FIFA”) claims.

PayMeNYC will be following this case closely. We zealously prosecute FIFA violations with regularity and great success. If you are owed a substantial sum for freelance work performed in New York City, please contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your rights and options.

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