1 in 3 NYC Residents is a Freelancer!

New York City is a freelancers hub. That’s according to the most comprehensive study on freelancing in NYC conducted to-date.

The Freelancer’s Union, in conjunction with the New York City Mayor’s Office and Upwork, recently surveyed 5,000 freelancers in the city and found:

-One in three workers in NYC is freelancing;
-Freelancers contribute $31.4 billion dollars to the NYC economy annually; and
-61% of workers in the entertainment industry are freelancers.

Perhaps most importantly, the study found that nearly three-quarters, or 75% of all freelancers have faced difficulty receiving timely payment!

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2 thoughts on “1 in 3 NYC Residents is a Freelancer!”

  1. I often listen to online radio from other countries. This week an Irish radio station interviewed the woman in charge of unemployment compensation for the Irish government. The topic was how to pay all the unemployed people . They made it clear that all people out of work are going to be paid . Part time and freelance workers just have an extra step in the process. I was so surprised to hear that freelance people get unemployment checks and that over there it is considered normal.

    I’m emailing that news to elected officials .

    1. Thanks for the note, Tom. I understand Senator Schumer is trying to make that happen here, too. Contact the Freelancers Union for more info on how you can get involved. Freelancers need to unite in these difficult times.

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